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A new era of digital security

Engineered with the latest advancements in quantum computing. Protecting you and your crypto against any current or future threat.

  • Titanium shell
  • 14-qubit quantum chip
  • Portable design

Never miss a bit

Take full control of your assets with the companion app. Stay on top of market fluctuations, track the value of your funds and trade assets with a tap.

  • Unprecedented Security

    Quantum Wallet uses atomic quantum state probabilities to prevent anyone from knowing the exact location of your crypto. Your assets are safe against any type of threat.

  • Thermojacking

  • Chain Blocking

  • Cubit Crushing

Deliver a brutal counterattack

The integrated HackBack™ technology does not settle with protection only. If your funds are being hacked, the quantum computer hacks the hackers back and seizes all their funds. Because they deserved it.

Crystal powered

Quantum Wallet is powered by rare superconducting qubit crystals to harness the powers of quantum computing. Operating at temperatures near absolute zero, Quantum Wallet is the coldest wallet on the market.


Just kidding.

We don’t know anything about quantum computing. But we had you there for a minute.

Quantum Wallet is an imaginary product, designed and developed by 14islands — a creative agency specializing in best-in-class digital experiences.

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